Slammer is the rebel without a cause. The guitar with the looks, feel, and grinding sound of an instrument that costs two, three - even four times as much.

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Whether you want a sound that's clean or downright nasty, this guitar will put a smile on your face especially when you hear the price. A highly resonant hardwood body meets a 25 1/2" scale length and a 1 piece Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard.

Same as PAC 3 model above with a Maple Fingerboard.

For the player whose technique demands a floating tremolo, the Centaura is the one to check out. With a Floyd Rose style tremolo and Humbucking, Single, Single pickup configuration - with a 5-way switch. If it's a 3 single coil sound you want, just pull up the volume knob and use the coil tap.

You may be attracted to its classic good looks, but get beyond appearances and the Slammer Special screams just like the guitar it was modeled after, the popular Hamer USA Special. Credit the sound to its two Humbucking pickups that can drive your amp into overdrive or let you strum clean tones.
Special (flamed top)

Same as Special listed above with a flamed top.
Special 2

The Special 2 Flametop is a very special Special. Fully bound with Ivoroid, this guitar evokes class all the way. Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, arched flametop with a cream pickguard - the 24 3/4" scale was built for bending notes, and it's 2 Humbucking pickups give you a rainbow of sounds.

The T5 combines classic body style with great tone and playability. Take the Ivoroid bound Alder body, 25 1/2" maple neck, 2 single coil pickups and a 3-way blade switch ... and you're ready to rock n' roll.

Same as the T5M-SB, but with a rosewood fingerboard and red metallic finish.

Graced with a beautiful faux quilt top, chrome tremolo, the ergonomically correct WG1 combines style and playability. No matter what style of music, the WG1 is up for the challenge. Rock out with the powerful Humbucking pickups, the WG1's cool design gives you easy access to all 22 frets while soloing.
XP Standard

Call it the X-Factor. Call it a radical departure from the ordinary axe. Call it yours. The Slammer XP-Standard is built around the shape that has been a favorite of pros for over 25 years! Why so popular ? Perfect balance.