Slammer offers 5 Series of Bass Guitars, each having its own look, style and set of features. The one element that stays the same throughout each series is the great sound and value that you get from all our of Slammer guitars.

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Chaparral Bass

Slap, Pop, Pow. You're about to hit rock bottom. The Slammer Chaparral basses take four strings to a new low. The hardwood body gets its deep, rich tone from a Split-P style pickup configuration. The neck? Maple complemented by a Rosewood fingerboard.
Impact Bass

When it comes to bottom end, the Slammer Impact Bass does the job. The single, high-output Humbucking pickup provides all the low-end punch you'd expect from such a cool bass. You'll certainly make an impact on any stage.
Special Bass

The Slammer Special Bass is finally here .. combining traditional styling with great playability. This 30 1/2" short scale bass features 2 Soapbar pickups for low end punch. Great for a player that requires a smaller, more comfortable bass that plays like a dream.
Special Bass (Flamed Top)

Same as the Special Bass listed above with a flamed top.
Blitz Bass

The Slammer Blitz Bass gives you tones that range from funk to country to rock with just one bass. The two J-Style pickups are placed just the right distance apart to accommodate any style of playing.