What is the warranty period of my guitar ?
Most Slammer guitars carry a Limited 5 year warranty
Who do I contact for warranty service for my guitar?
You need to contact your place of purchase with a copy of your sales receipt and request a warranty service evaluation. The dealer or service center should then contact KMC Music and request a Return Authorization number.
What if my place of purchase is out of business or in another state?
Use the Hamer Guitars Search engine here to find a local service center for your product. Then contact them with a copy of your sales receipt and request a warranty service evaluation.
How long does it take to get a warranty service evaluation?
The dealer or service center must contact KMC Music for a Return Authorization (RMA) number and shipping instructions. As a consumer you are responsible for the shipping charges to and from KMC Music. Once in the possession of KMC Music Inc., the evaluation usually takes 2-3 days.
What happens after the evaluation?
KMC Music determines if the product is repairable and will repair it under the terms of the warranty policy for that product. The product will be returned to the dealer or service center.
What if my guitar is not repairable?
KMC Music will replace the item with a new product of the same or most similar available style.
Is my warranty transferable?
No, all KMC Music warranty policies are valid only to the original purchaser with a warranty card on file.
How can I get parts for my guitar?
Contact your place of purchase to order parts. You need to provide the model and serial number of the product and a copy of your receipt if the part is under warranty.
What does a Limited Warranty mean?
All strings, electronic components, amplifying devices, normal fret wear, and an parts not made by the manufacturer are not covered under warranty. Please refer to your warranty card for more information.
How much is my guitar worth?
Neither KMC Music or Slammer Guitars deal in used instruments, therefore we cannot answer questions about the value of your instrument. Your best source is your authorized Hamer dealer who is knowledgeable about our products in your local market area, or more information can be found on the internet, where several sites specialize in guitar valuations.